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We are a counselling and therapy practice based in Essex

About me

I am a human being, like everyone else encompassing a range of difficulties. Through therapy I have learnt how to manage these difficulties, feel empowered and have a clear understanding of myself. This helps me with life issues.

We all have the truth inside us. Therapy facilitates a space to find and explore that truth.

The outcomes are usually significant and many people change their lives

Why Being here therapy?

I am a qualified integrative counsellor which allows me to draw on a variety of theoretical approaches and techniques including CBT, Psychodynamic and Humanistic. These can be used standalone or combined. Integrative has the advantage of being able to tailor to the individual.

I am also qualified in Eco-therapy and laughter therapy. Theses reinforce a philosophy of connectedness with others and the outdoors, promoting wellbeing and optimum mental health.

I am currently studying Compassion Focused Therapy and have a personal leaning to working intuitively.

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